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Flintlock is a Windows application that interacts with Pebble smartwatches using the flint library.

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As you may have guessed, Flintlock is a Windows application you can use to connect your Pebble smartwatch directly to your computer in order to do neat stuff. Flintlock currently only supports a handful of features, but that's expected to change with time (and SDK availability, perhaps!). The main features currently include:

That's pretty much it. This is what it looks like:


Sending the currently playing song in a variety of media players to the Pebble is a work in progress. Next on the planning are an option to lock the computer when the connection is unexpectedly lost and more importantly firmware/app management. If you have any suggestions beyond that, feel free to post them as an issue.


Occasionally a version of Flintlock will be considered sufficiently stable and non-explody to be marked as a release and packaged. The current (and inevitably slightly outdated) release is 0.6.0.


Flintlock would not have existed without the wonderful work of @Hexxeh and all other contributors to Hexxeh/libpebble.